Why there’s a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific


Nepal: 455 Dead, 72 Missing Due to Natural Disasters


]Kathmandu, Jul 30 (Prensa Latina) Natural disasters in Nepal has killed at least 455 people and missed 72 in the last four months, it was reported today in this capital.


According to the registry of the National Emergency Operation. Center, death by drowning, landslides and floods topped the list, The Rising Nepal website posted.

In the same period, about 2,230 people were injured in several disasters, among them 1,449 were men and 781 were women.

Similarly, 3,775 families were directly affected by natural calamities during the period.

A total of 820 houses were destroyed, while 929 were partially damaged…


Why there’s a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific

2018 has seemed like a busy year for volcanoes. Mount Mayon in the Philippines spewed ash into the sky for over a month. The eruption of Mount Sinabung, in Indonesia, was seen from space and Guatemala’s Fuego volcano killed more than 100 people in June. Turns out, the amount of activity is pretty normal. Scientists say that on average 10-20 volcanoes are erupting at any given time. What’s more interesting is where they are situated.

All three of these volcanoes are located along the edges of the Pacific Ocean in a stretch called the “Ring of Fire.” The band, which spans about 40,000 kilometers, not only has the largest concentration of volcanoes in the world, it’s also where most of the earthquakes and tsunamis occur…

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