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Yellowstone super-volcano has a different history than previously thought


Ten months after Hurricane Maria, Adjuntas still loses power any time a heavy rain or wind pounds the rickety power lines feeding this town high in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. Full story:


Laos dam collapse sends floods into Cambodia, forcing thousands to flee

Thousands of people in northern Cambodia have been evacuated after the collapse of the dam in neighbouring Laos caused the rivers to flood to dangerous levels.

Authorities in Stung Treng province scrambled to carry out an emergency evacuation of 1,200 families after five billion cubic metres of water gushed into the rivers and surrounding landscape when the Xe-Namnoy hydropower dam in south-eastern Laos, on the border with Cambodia, broke under pressure on Tuesday night.

The collapse of the dam has reportedly led to the deaths of at least 26 people, though the prime minister said on Wednesday that only one person had died…


Yellowstone super-volcano has a different history than previously thought

The long-dormant Yellowstone super-volcano in the American West has a different history than previously thought, according to a new study by a Virginia Tech geoscientist.

Scientists have long thought that Yellowstone Caldera, part of the Rocky Mountains and located mostly in Wyoming, is powered by heat from the Earth’s core, similar to most volcanoes such as the recently active Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. However, new research published in Nature Geoscience by Ying Zhou, an associate professor with the Virginia Tech College of Science’s Department of Geosciences, shows a different past…

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