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About Workplace Stress


One of the “Suitcases of Resilience” by Esen Bahram. The suitcases are designed to be self-contained expressions of the resilience required by participants in their experience with migration and settlement. Items in each suitcase have some symbolic significance to the artist’s experience. For example, the stars in this piece signify night. – Scott Gardner , The Hamilton Spectator Fully story:


Best-seller ‘Option B’ teaches resilience when facing grief

A major life adjustment is coping with death and adversity, a human experience known best by those who suffer it. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Wharton School professor Dr. Adam Grant chronicle Sandberg’s raw emotions in “Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy” (Knopf, 2017) following the tragic death of her husband Dave Goldberg (SurveyMonkey CEO). Their book accounts Grant’s guidance helping Sandberg develop resilience to regain peace in her life and the lives of her two young children. The bestselling authors seamlessly blend Sandberg’s personal narrative and Grant’s psychology and research background….


About Workplace Stress

Some of the earliest signs associated with workplace stress include: sleep disturbances, constant fatigue, decreased memory, an increase in headaches and poor concentration. If you are currently experiencing one or more of these types of symptoms it might be the right time to take care of yourself by taking action…


What toxic stress does to a child’s brain — and how to heal it

As a trauma- and emotion-centered psychotherapist, I am relieved that children are now being screened for toxic stress. Thinking about emotional health as a byproduct of a child’s environment is an important addition to current thinking on how to improve children’s mental health. Rushing to diagnose a child with potentially stigmatizing labels, incorrectly blaming “defective” brain chemistry, resorting to unnecessary and sometimes toxic medications, and carrying out punishments do not address the underlying cause or help a child recover their self-confidence and ability to thrive…


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