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Can you spot disaster-related fraud?


Using Data Analytics as a Viable Way to Facilitate Resilience and Better Recovery Full Story:

Which is scarier: natural disasters or hell?

Which scares you more: a pending natural disaster or the thought of spending eternity in hell?

On the surface, this question can appear harsh and uncaring, especially when we consider the huge financial and emotional losses brought about by natural disasters. People lose their homes, businesses, and sometimes their lives.

So I’m asking you to believe that I’m not minimizing those true losses and to trust the sincere intent of my question. Which scares you more: a looming hurricane, fire, or….


Baguio’s ‘Run for Resiliency’ set on killer quake anniversary

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) in Cordillera will hold a “Run for Resiliency” public activity to encourage the locals not just to learn how to manage disasters but also to be resilient by recovering from any disaster.

OCD-Cordillera information officer Ivy Frances Carasi said on Thursday the Cordillera Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (DRRMC) has set the “Run for Resiliency” event in Baguio City on July 16, in time for the 28th anniversary of the July 16, 1990 killer earthquake that flattened a large portion of northern Luzon, including the country’s city of pines.

“The DRRMC thought of doing the ‘run for resiliency’ on July 16 to commemorate the killer earthquake and make the event more significant,” Carasi said.

Carasi explained that residents in the city would see more relevance…


Can you spot disaster-related fraud?

NCUA consistently urges all federally insured credit unions to perform routine reviews of their disaster preparedness and response plans. During times of emergency, credit unions need to have heightened awareness of related fraud schemes and scenarios.

Disaster recovery plans help credit unions minimize service interruptions and maintain member confidence. They also should address the increased potential for fraud…

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