Reputation resilience

FEMA admits it was understaffed and underprepared for 2017 hurricanes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency “could have better anticipated the severity of hurricanes” that last year devastated Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, the agency has acknowledged….


Upsurge in sleeping problems due to UK’s longest heatwave in 40 years

Britain’s longest heatwave since 1976 has led to a upsurge in sleeping problems, with people left tired, irritable and less productive at work after sweaty nights of poor-quality shuteye.

Record temperatures of up to 32.4C (90.3F) have been stopping many people getting a proper rest as they struggle to get to sleep in rooms that are uncomfortably warm, experts say.

“I’m very aware of people reporting more difficulties sleeping as the temperature increases, both personally and professionally,” said Dr Michael Farquhar, a consultant in sleep medicine at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London…


Reputation resilience

The cost of reputational attacks against companies has risen by more than 500% over the past six years, according to research conducted by Steel City Re

We’ve known for years that sexual harassment and abuse existed in many workplaces. We’ve known that a deranged individual can acquire a gun and devastate numerous lives. And we’ve known that we were surrendering personal information to Facebook and third-party companies in return for a more customized user experience….

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