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Stress in the modern age

How the psychology of the England football team could change your life

This week, the England midfielder Dele Alli was asked if he was nervous about the big tests up ahead: first, of course, the team’s semi-final against Croatia on Wednesday. “Excited, not nervous,” he replied. His apparent happiness and confidence reflected an England team that seems transformed from previous incarnations. Where once it was stuffed with entitled, surly stars, burdened with the weight of history and the pressure of expectations, it now comes across as a hungry, humble team, playing with lightness and joy…


Stress in the modern age

Earlier, the vagaries of nature gave us stress. The uncertainty as to what was going to befall us caused stress. The struggle for survival created stress as fear and anxiety bogged us. With the evolution of civilisation and greater knowledge, uncertainty gave way to certainty. But the irony was that this certainty became even more stressful. So, if in the past, the present was a matter of concern, then in the present times, the future has become a cause of concern…


Is your organization immune from today’s turbulence?


“Bill Gates was right when he said, “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent”.”

Regardless of your organization’s performance in the time past, your robust strategic plan, core strategies, managerial experience and brand recognition, your organization would not still be immune from turbulence.

Unexpectedly, many organizations have the notion that when they create stability, their immunity is set in motion. With that mindset, many organizations endlessly struggled to create stability.

However, today, things have changed. No organization can predict any more what can happen next. The business world being in a VUCA moment is more than a reality. Therefore, pursuing stability should no more be the focus; we need to move from stability to change….


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