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Strong social ties help middle-aged folk grow more resilient: Study


many attributes of resilience as a concept

For This Entrepreneur, ‘Grit’ Means Knowing When to Say Yes

In this video from Entrepreneur Network partner Mars Discovery District, we take a closer look at what it really looks like when you’re just beginning as an entrepreneur — including the many uncertainties that surround the experience.

Nicole Verkindt is CEO of OMX, a procurement platform. Verkindt details how she started her entrepreneurial journey full of energy and determination to start a billion-dollar company. Then came the many lessons and trials of starting a business — but throughout there was grit. Verkindt’s definition of grit involves being able to hear new information, absorb it and continue on with your journey no matter what…


‘CEOs must give 50% time to people issues’

The new standards of leadership at the British-Dutch transnational consumer products company has two aspects — the inner game and the outer game. The inner game includes a sense of purpose, learning agility and a personal mastery on resilience…


Strong social ties help middle-aged folk grow more resilient: Study

The report (Strong social ties help middle-aged folk grow more resilient: Study; June 28) on the findings by the Centre for Ageing Research and Education (Care) brings to mind a Harvard study, which shows that, more than anything else, close relationships keep us happy and healthy over the course of our lives.

Both studies are in line with the Tsao Foundation’s observations over 25 years of working with older persons in the community.

We found that people in middle age – defined in the Care study as between 50 and 59 – often have a challenging time because they are taking care of two generations, in addition to themselves….

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