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What happens to zoo animals during a natural disaster?

The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Not Expected to Be as Bad as Forecasters Originally Predicted

Two months after warning that the 2018 hurricane season was going to be an intense one, forecasters have revised their model and now say it’s actually going to be a bit light.

Colorado State University forecasters Philip Klotzbach and Michael Bell now say they expect 11 named tropical storms in the 2018 season. Four of those, they say, are likely to become hurricanes…


Hundreds of thousands evacuated in Japan as ‘historic’ rain falls; four dead

Hundreds of thousands of people across a wide swathe of western and central Japan were evacuated from their homes on Friday as torrential rain flooded rivers and set off landslides, killing at least four people.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued its strongest possible warning about the “historic” rainfall and said more was set to batter already saturated areas through Sunday, raising the danger of more landslides and major damage.

One part of the main island of Honshu had been hit with twice the total amount of rain for a normal July by Friday morning, and the rain was relentless through the day…


What happens to zoo animals during a natural disaster?


Natural disasters can also pose an indirect threat to zoo animals. For example, some animals rely on fresh shipments of food everyday to survive.

Natural disasters are set to become even more inevitable as the effects of climate change become more severe. While we prepare our homes, families, businesses and even pets for natural disasters, zoo animals should also be a priority when planning for the worst.

Zoo animals are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. They are, after all, left in enclosures that are designed to prevent them from escaping. If these animals do escape out of their enclosures, they pose a public health risk as zoo animals are wild and often powerful creatures.

In June of this year, a bear escaped its enclosure after a German zoo experienced a flood. The high waters put pressure on the bear’s enclosure, breaking it. The bear was shot dead…


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