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To Defend Against Common Cyber Threats, Focus on Resilience, Real Risks, and Leadership

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Rebuilding housing after natural disasters is part of resilience strategy Brad Pitt broke ground in 2008 on his visionary development to replace a Lower 9th Ward neighborhood ruined three years early in Hurricane Katrina’s flooding. (Photo by Matthew Hinton, The Times-Picayune) Full Story:

A fixed mindset could be holding you back — here’s how to change it

It seems counterintuitive, but trying to build a child’s self-esteem by constantly praising them might actually create a brittle, fragile person.

“It turns out that’s kind of backfired on us,” says Professor Jill Klein from the University of Melbourne’s business and medical schools.

She says indiscriminate adulation doesn’t foster resilience or happiness in a growing human. Rather, children and adults alike need to manage — and expect — both successes and failures.

“Our mistake was thinking that you build robust self-esteem by telling kids ‘you’re brilliant, you’re so smart, everybody wins, nobody loses, everybody gets a trophy’,” Professor Klein says.

“It’s led to a fixed mindset.”

Mindset theory looks at how whether we perceive abilities as learned or innate, and how we view and recover from mistakes or failure….


To Defend Against Common Cyber Threats, Focus on Resilience, Real Risks, and Leadership

It’s human nature to pinpoint our focus on the most dramatic threats to our safety, ignoring the more probable hazards. It works the same way for cybersecurity as it does in our personal calculus of shark attacks vs. everyday clumsiness. If we spend too much time preparing for sophisticated zero-day attacks or being lulled to complacency by the assurances of a shiny new software solution, we tend to pull attention and time away from the cyber elements we know are most likely to protect or expose us. Malicious hackers’ relentless inventiveness and tactical sophistication has allowed a handful of malware families to continue infiltrating and damaging networks for an astonishingly long time. Still, evasive malware strategies aren’t entirely to blame for why the same vulnerabilities persist for years…



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