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Natural Disasters and Supply Chain — The View From Key West

“Resilience is the ability of any city to cope with any disaster or stress that may come its way.”, Amit Prothi, Head of India National Strategy, 100RC

This next 100 years, cities are going to be a very important place for humanity. You already have half of the world’s population living in cities. But there are three major trends that are happening- Urbanization, Climate Change and Globalization. The Rockefeller Foundation wanted to do something about the change that is coming to cities in the coming 100 years, so they decided to set up a global competition through 100 Resilient Cities. They invited cities to come apply for this competition where we will provide support in helping them think about resilience. We received more than 1,000 applications…


Natural Disasters and Supply Chain — The View From Key West


Natural Disasters and Supplier Facilities % of respondents ‘very concerned’ about the risks

I recently moved from Boston to Key West, Florida to avoid the horrible winters and cold up north. No more blizzards. No more -20⁰F. Just sun, sand and surf.

And hurricanes.

The downside of Key West is a hurricane season that last year included Category 4 Irma and this year promises more of the same. If we were talking about California, the worry might be earthquakes and wildfires. In South Africa it might be drought. In the Philippines, maybe typhoons. Natural disasters are a reality that, until recently, were largely off the radar for supply chain professionals but are now a core concern on the job….

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