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Culture affects flood resilience

Culture affects flood resilience

Research conducted by an LSU student indicates that cultural and social factors influence the flood resiliency of at-risk coastal areas of Louisiana, including Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes.

“We often hear about the coast’s assets — its fisheries, its minerals and many other economic products,” said Thibodaux native Brandon Champagne. “However, my opinion is that the strongest asset we have is our people and our way of life.”

Champagne said he recently read about the communities that were hit hard by the tsunami in 2005 in eastern Asia.

“Culture played a really important part there because the communities who kept the knowledge of tsunamis were…


Houston must build resilience to avoid next flood, hurricane disaster, insurer’s report finds


Residents of Beaumont, Texas, use a boat to get to the roof of their flooded house on Aug. 31, 2017, after the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Credit: Courtesy of Sgt. Anna Pongo)

On a recent trip to Galveston, Karen MacClune noticed something odd: Everywhere she went, three feet, five feet, 15 feet high on buildings, she saw little plaques with ominous arrows pointing to the high water marks from Hurricane Ike nearly 10 years ago. It was as if they were badges of pride.

“You can’t even be in Galveston for a day and not recognize the flood risk,” she said.

It’s not so in Harris County, where public awareness lags reality. It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of buildings had no flood insurance before…


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