The Secrets of Resilience

How to become cyber resilient

Despite threats from targeted cybersecurity attacks doubling, companies are showing they can perform better under greater pressure. In fact, if they continue on the same improvement path, we could see cyber resilience becoming “business as usual” within the next two or three years.

The danger, of course, is that innovation stops and complacency kicks in. As more and more of the world is run online, the exposure to cyberthreats increases. Accenture reveals that while organisations are getting much better at heading off cyberattacks, they still fall short of having high-performing security capabilities…


The Secrets of Resilience

“The ‘normal man,’ ” the Goertzels wrote, “is not a likely candidate for the Hall of Fame.” Illustration: Brian Stauffer

Does early hardship in life keep children from becoming successful adults? It’s an urgent question for parents and educators, who worry that children growing up in difficult circumstances will fail to reach their full potential, or worse, sink into despair and dysfunction.

Social scientists have shown that these risks are real, but they also have found a surprising pattern among those whose early lives included tough times: Many draw strength from hardship and see their struggle against it as one of the keys to their later success. A wide range of studies over the past few decades has shed light on how such people overcome life’s adversities—and how we might all cultivate resilience as well…

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