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Cultural diversity as a means of boosting resilience at Austrian companies

Climate change raises the bar for disaster resilience

Southeast Asia, already on the path of tropical storms originating from the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, has seen a spike in climate disasters as global warming aggravates these hazards of nature. The dangers are compounded by the fact that the region also has a high population density, with large urban populations in low-lying cities, including the megacities, Jakarta and Manila.

Extreme weather has pushed intense storms and floods further inland because of rising seas levels, be it in Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, and produced deadlier heatwaves like the recent ones in China and India—and the dry spells in 2014 and 2015 that threatened Singapore’s reservoir levels…


Cultural diversity as a means of boosting resilience at Austrian companies


Diversity – a megatrend

The FINANCIAL — As part of a study entitled “Kulturelle Vielfalt in Unternehmen”, brainworker teamed up with the Vienna Insurance Group to survey over 100 companies on the management of cultural diversity; the survey took place between 15 March and 2 May 2018. The results show how Austrian companies deal with the opportunities presented by cultural diversity, and the challenges it poses. The findings also highlight internal and external measures that are currently in place or at the planning stage…

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