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The Most Expensive Natural Disasters in US History

Hurricane Industry: Sectors for Success – Turning the tide towards true regional resilience

From the moment we become of age you are aware of your surroundings, you then quickly realize that you are residing in a hurricane zone. Hurricanes are an integral part of the Caribbean lifestyle and experience from the time of its inception. From 1960 to present the Caribbean can say that there has been approximately 12 to 14 major hurricanes that has passed through the islands leaving in its wake a series…


The Most Expensive Natural Disasters in US History


Paul Brennan / Shutterstock Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida with 130 mph winds.

Nature has dished out some of its worst devastation on America’s east and west coasts, and from North Dakota to the southernmost point in Florida.

The nation’s epic natural disasters have had death tolls reaching into the thousands and have caused tens of billions of dollars in destruction, not all of it covered by insurance…

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