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Over 500 Homes Now Destroyed by the Continuing Kīlauea Eruption

Disaster revealed our creativity and strength

Nothing feels natural about a natural disaster. Even in a community as accustomed to change as Iowa City, the scope and scale of change brought by a disaster is mind-boggling.

The loss of homes, neighborhoods and iconic community structures is heart-wrenching. We all felt this 10 years ago — a sense of loss and the anger and sadness that goes with it; a feeling of being overwhelmed, along with confusion, frustration and exhaustion. We shared these feelings with other communities up and down the Corridor and in other places in Iowa that year…


Over 500 Homes Now Destroyed by the Continuing Kīlauea Eruption


Fissure 8 lava fountain and flow, seen on June 10, 2018. USGS/HVO.

The eruption that started near Leilani Estates on Kīlauea’s Lower East Rift Zone is now in its second month and so far, there is little to indicate that the eruption might be ending soon. Fissure 8 (webcam) is still the dominant player in the eruption, currently erupting three lava fountains that reach ~50 meters (~180 feet) and feed the lava flows that have erased Kapoho Bay. What’s worse is the lava flows that did head towards Vacationland on Kapoho Bay have now raised the total of homes destroyed by the eruption to over 500. Micro-house shelters are being built in Pahoa to accommodate the evacuees from the eruption, many of which will likely not have a home to return…

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