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Hurricane worries prompt refiner Motiva to shift expansion plans

Still-Crippled Puerto Rico Shows Why U.S. Disaster Relief Needs Improvement

A particularly damning report published by the New England Journal of Medicine, which can hardly be characterized as fake news, shows the likely death toll in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria is closer to 5,000, rather than the politically stubborn figure of 64. With this tragic revision, which bucks the narrative that Puerto Rico was not a real catastrophe because the body count was low, the devastation wrought by hurricane Maria is undeniable – and the island-wide war trauma understandable. This report also confirms what many Puerto Ricans have felt for years, which is that despite U.S. citizenship as a birthright, they are a de facto second-class – a dubious distinction shared by poor and marginalized communities on the U.S. mainland that are still recovering from natural disasters. Yet there is a fleeting chance to not only change the arc of Puerto Rico’s future, but to restore faith in…


Hurricane worries prompt refiner Motiva to shift expansion plans


FILE PHOTO – Flood waters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey encompass the Motiva Enterprises LLC in Port Arthur, Texas, U.S. August 31, 2017. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Motiva Enterprises has decided not to add processing capacity at its refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, according to a company spokeswoman, fallout from last summer’s Hurricane Harvey that knocked nearly a quarter of all U.S. crude capacity offline….

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