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Could this new Chinese radar system really be used to play God with the weather?

We must be prepared to respond to natural disasters

Texas is renowned for its diversity of land and people. What isn’t commonly known is that we also lead the nation in declared natural disasters.

Hurricane season began Friday and it lasts until Nov. 30. Peak season is typically around the end of August. This year, we have already had our first named storm, Alberto, and there are 16 to 17 more named storms predicted.

While East Texas rarely suffers a direct hit from hurricanes, we experience tornadoes, flooding and electrical outages. NET Health diligently works to increase an individual’s preparedness because the work conducted by public health initiatives that seek to improve the resiliency of our communities is a year-round effort…


Could this new Chinese radar system really be used to play God with the weather?


The device, known as a High-powered Incoherent Scatter Radar, would be capable of influencing the ebb and flow of subatomic particles as far away as Singapore, a distance of over 2,000km (1,200 miles).

China is building a powerful radar system in the South China Sea that critics say could knock out communication systems, manipulate weather systems and even cause natural disasters.

The system, which sounds like something out of science fiction, uses pulsed energy beams to study and manipulate electrically charged particles in the high atmosphere.

It has civilian and military applications and could challenge US dominance in both spheres.

The US military has already been working on similar geoengineering technology, but it has proved controversial with critics warning that it could allow governments to play God by causing disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons and tsunami…


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