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The True Scope of the Disaster in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll In Puerto Rico 70 Times Higher Than Official Estimates: Study

Over 4,600 people died in Puerto Rico during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria ― more than 70 times the official death toll ― according to a new Harvard study released Tuesday.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found Hurricane Maria left at least 4,645 people dead in Puerto Rico after the storm made landfall on the island on Sept. 20, 2017. This figure stands in stark contrast with the Puerto Rican government’s official tally of 64.

The Harvard researchers conducted a survey of 3,299 randomly chosen households across Puerto Rico, in which participants were asked about displacement, infrastructure loss and causes of death…


The True Scope of the Disaster in Puerto Rico


The U.S. flag, next to a damaged Puerto Rican flag, flies in the municipality of Yabucoa. Carlos Giusti / AP

A new survey of the island’s residents finds a much higher death toll from Hurricane Maria than previously reported—putting it on par with one of the worst natural disasters in recent American history.  Just about nobody believes Puerto Rico’s official death toll for Hurricane Maria. Researchers and journalists alike generally accept that the island’s tally of 64 people killed by the storm last September is a massive undercount, so obviously inaccurate that the Puerto Rican government has agreed to review and revise its figures. But with Puerto Rico still in disarray—from the storm’s casualties, population changes from migration, and the absence of basic services—information on the complete human cost of the catastrophe is still woefully incomplete…


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