People Showing Resilience: NGO

“Call for Code” Competition to help Tackle Disaster Relief Challenges: a $39 million initiative by IBM, the United Nations and Angelhack. Photo Credit: Mandy Beerley Full story:

Bangladesh most resilient country to disaster, needs more fund allocation

Bangladesh, one of the most at-risk countries to adverse impacts of climate change is also one of the most resilient countries to disasters. Working together, its citizens, government, civil society, scientists, national and international NGOs, and business communities made significant progress over the years despite increasing disasters with greater intensity thus ensuring steady economic growth over the years…


People Showing Resilience: NGO

NGO Advancing PNG women leader’s network last week highlighted their role and donation distribution while giving a glimpse into the grim condition faced by more than 270,000 people affected by earthquake in Hela.

An NGO woman leader who witnessed the suffering of the people in Huia Bosavi LLG, which had a total of eight villages in the epicentre of Mt Sisa and was totally destroyed, tearfully said the people have, “the resilience and urge to survive no matter what”.

“Going into where they were, you could see the resilience of our people. Women were coming back with bags of kaukau and bananas…and we asked and they said they went to those places that were totally destroyed to find food in the garden,” Advancing PNG program


Australian Disaster Resilience Conference

The Australian Disaster Resilience Conference theme is focused on The rise of resilience: from the individual to the global encompassing national and international strategy and direction all the way through to grassroots efforts brought about by local community action. Its aims are to encourage involvement, participation, engagement, and partnerships around all these facets of disaster resilience…


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