Artificial Intelligence: Weather Forecasting and Prediction of Natural Disasters

Travel industry urgently needs to tackle overtourism, disaster resilience

Industry speakers at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) joint debate last week outlined several key challenges the global travel industry is currently facing.

Held at the PATA Annual Summit in Gangneung, South Korea, the debate addressed two imminent challenges in tourism: insufficient resilience to natural disasters, and the need for tourist limits and redistribution in over-visited destinations…


Artificial Intelligence: Weather Forecasting and Prediction of Natural Disasters

Prediction of Natural Disasters & Weather Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence

Is predicting of climate changes is easy? Yes, say by the experts in scientific American website they have said about combining of Artificial Intelligence with the science of climate which helps to answer the unknown climate changes and some other issues like global warming.

For most of them improving the forecast is as the sample as i.e making trips and much more, But better weather forecasting saves many lives. Even making a small change in predicting of weather makes a larger difference for government and public sectors. When experts help for improving the accurate weather forecasting which helps farmers to plant and harvesting and also helps airlines to work accordingly. In recent times there was a natural disaster happened in USA i.e. hurricanes which cause lots of damage to government and the business sector….

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