Lessons in resilience…


Lessons in resilience: what city planners can learn from Hobart’s floods

Hobart is a city known for its risk of catastrophic fire, such as the devastating wildfires of 1897-98 and 1967. As the second-driest city in Australia, until last week it was easy to forget that Hobart is also vulnerable to serious flooding . Like many cities, Hobart’s closeness to nature can be a double-edged sword – the hilly terrain affords spectacular views of the mountain and the river , but makes the city especially prone to wildfire and flash-flooding.

Hobart’s lack of preparedness for the scale and intensity of the May 2018 flood is also partly attributable to the city’s postwar planning. So how can Hobart and cities like it become more resilient to increasingly frequent natural disasters ?

Flash flooding turns the city of Hobart into a disaster zone….


Ottawa announces $2B fund to help communities withstand natural disasters

The federal government has set up a $2-billion fund to help communities protect themselves from natural disasters.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi made the announcement on the Calgary Stampede grounds Thursday, which were submerged during heavy flooding in southern Alberta in 2013.

“We were all deeply affected by the images of the floods that took over this landmark at this time of year, five years ago,” said Sohi.

“Communities in southern British Columbia are now dealing with the worst flooding in 70 years. Our hearts also go out to New Brunswickers who have been struggling to manage the terrible impact of record flooding.”…

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