Hawaii community clings to life in shadow of fiery volcano

Recent floods in Hobart (Australia) caused tens of millions of dollars damage. Photo: Clean-up work was continuing in many areas. (ABC News: Tony King) Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-14/hobart-floods-declared-natural-disaster/9759794


With hurricane season approaching, Texas should heed Harvey’s warning on climate change

The 2018 hurricane season is just around the corner – June 1st, in fact.

Initial predictions for this year’s season say we should expect it to be more active than average, which is unwelcome news to a state that is still reeling from Hurricane Harvey. And, while some areas are bracing for more hurricanes before they’ve even recovered from the last one, the majority of the state is already back in drought…


With Warning Drums and River Clean-Ups, Indonesian Women Head Off Disasters

Whenever heavy rains come at night in her neighborhood in the ancient city of Yogyakarta, schoolteacher Muryani remembers the worst floods she experienced, almost 35 years ago.

Sleeping with her mother and two young siblings in a bamboo hut to guard a farmer’s goats from thieves, Muryani feared for their lives as flash floods burst through the door.

“Suddenly the water was so high … it came very fast,” she said. “I was so worried about my mother, who was already quite old. I was afraid we would drown.”

Muryani, 44, who goes by one name only, still lives in the same area, now a small settlement of about 300 residents called Pedak Baru which sits by a river close to Mount Merapi volcano.

As floods have become more frequent over the last five years, Muryani and 25 other local women have teamed up with the Yakkum Emergency Unit, a project that runs activities to help women protect their communities from disasters in Central Java and Yogyakarta….


Hawaii community clings to life in shadow of fiery volcano

When magma first began spouting like a demonic lawn sprinkler from a fissure near Mark Clawson’s Hawaii home, it was exciting. But the novelty of the Kilauea volcano’s eruption is wearing off for Clawson and other Big Island residents living in its shadow…


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