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Best practices for disaster recovery

10 Years after Wenchuan Earthquake, A Silver Lining in Disaster Management


10 Years after Wenchuan Earthquake, A Silver Lining in Disaster Management. A rescue team evacuates an injured woman during the Sichuan earthquake. Since then, China’s CSOs have mobilized to dramatically improve their relief efforts. Photo/Give2Asia

On May 12, China will mark the 10th anniversary of the devastating Wenchuan earthquake that struck Sichuan province, leaving more than 69,000 people dead and over 40 million affected. While the impact of the earthquake lasts today, the one silver lining is that the catastrophe has catalyzed improvements to China’s disaster management architecture. Chinese civil society organizations (CSOs) are now an integral part of disaster preparedness and response, and the disaster management system in China is evolving into a more systemic structure…


Best practices for disaster recovery

No business is immune to potential technical disasters, whether natural or human-induced. While always unfortunate, there are definite ways to significantly minimize the impact and recover quickly. Understanding and implementing the best practices for disaster recovery company-wide is paramount, and can be the difference between a momentary hiccup and a critical setback…


Aftershocks: Remodeling the Past for a Resilient Future

The great disasters of the past – like the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD or the hurricane that devastated Santo Domingo in 1930 – can provide valuable lessons to help governments and institutions increase the resilience of communities in the face of modern challenges, such as climate change and rapid urbanization.

Released today by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), Aftershocks: Remodeling the Past for a Resilient Future looks at various disasters from the distant and recent past and explores the likely impacts similar events would have if they were to occur…


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