Individual Resilience: A Guide

A Generic image of a resilient child. See PA Feature FAMILY Exams. Picture credit should read: Thinkstock/PA. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature FAMILY Exams. Full Story:

Individual Resilience: A Guide

Resilience is the ability to react appropriately in an uncertain and changing environment. In an earlier issue, we ran an article about resilience at the organisational and societal level; now, we focus on the last domain of resilience, the individual level, which can be described as the ability to adapt, rise from adversity, and join others to create positive change…


Resilience Through Architecture

“My inspiration for this project comes from this idea of using the landscape as a relief to the content within the building,” said Alfred Waugh. He is speaking of the newly opened Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre that he designed on the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus. The project is personal for him: Waugh is affiliated with the Fond Du Lac (Denesuline) Nation of northern Saskatchewan, and his mother went through residential school. The Centre, which opened in April, is intended to be a space for dialogue, learning and…

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