Cuba Launches ‘Operation Meteor’ to Mitigate Natural Disasters

Communities in the B.C. Interior are facing the risk of flooding. Experts say the fire-hardened soil could be part of the reason. Full story:

Surviving and thriving after fires, cyclones, storms and floods: Incredible pictures celebrate Australians’ resilience as their lives are torn apart by natural disasters

Australians like to think of themselves as a resilient mob and these pictures prove that through flood, fire and cyclones they indeed can recover quickly from adversity.

From female volunteers battling raging bushfires to families trapped for days by ferocious storms, ordinary Australians have been captured in a set of photographs celebrating the nation’s hardy nature.

The pictures are past entries in the photographic section of the Resilient Australia Awards, a nationwide program to recognise and promote initiatives that ‘strengthen community disaster resilience’.

One powerful image shows a couple surveying the damage wreaked by a tornado which hit Kurnell, in Sydney’s south, in 2016, bringing some of the fastest winds on record in the city….


Cuba Launches ‘Operation Meteor’ to Mitigate Natural Disasters

Cuba has launched ‘Operation Meteor’ to aid the island in preparing for any and all possible natural disasters, from droughts to hurricanes and earthquakes.

Among the new strategies under review for implementation are civilian first-aid training; assist and rescue missions; damage control; large-scale needs assessment, and office reception for victims in disaster situations.

The nationwide initiative aims to mitigate the impact of natural disasters, especially in rural areas, and safeguard life on the island, Lieutenant Colonel Wilfredo Cobas said. The operation is of special importance considering the coming hurricane season from June 1 to November 30…


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