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15 Ways You Can Help After a Natural Disaster (Hint: It’s Rarely Donate Clothes)

This water filter made of paper could save people’s lives during natural disasters

Clean water is a basic human right. But after hurricane Maria, 70 percent of Puerto Rico’s water quality infrastructure was destroyed. Months after hurricane Harvey, Houston, Texas failed an EPA water quality test. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.

Clean water infrastructure is incredibly expensive, which is partially why these problems persist. But since climate change makes extreme weather events more likely than ever, it’s crucial to human survival that we figure out how to filter water at a low cost…


15 Ways You Can Help After a Natural Disaster (Hint: It’s Rarely Donate Clothes)


As families impacted by a disaster try to shield their children from the effects, they seek to supply them with the entertainment, toys, snacks, juices, candies, and other treats and comfort items they are accustomed to,

The wrong donations end up costing charities precious dollars just to store leftovers—which is why clothing may not be the best use of your donation efforts. Learn how you can help families and communities in the most resource-wise ways with these ideas…

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