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East Africa’s deadly floods are a stark reminder of the region’s poor disaster preparedness

Erupting Volcano on Hawaii Releases Life-Threatening Gas, Officials Say


An ash plume at the Kilauea volcano on Friday on Hawaii. The governor declared a local state of emergency near the volcano after it erupted and prompted the evacuation of residents. Credit U.S. Geological Survey, via Getty Images

Images of the eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii offer a vivid display of yellow and red lava bubbling from fissures, orange fires, and white smoke, but the authorities on Saturday warned of something unseen but no less dangerous: high levels of sulfur dioxide gas.

The gas is “an immediate threat to life for all who become exposed,” the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said in a statement.

Gaseous sulfur dioxide, which is colorless and smells like a burning match, can cause serious eye, nose and skin irritation as well as coughing, headaches and shortness of breath…


East Africa’s deadly floods are a stark reminder of the region’s poor disaster preparedness

Torrential rains have uprooted hundreds of thousands of people across East Africa in recent weeks, offsetting a humanitarian disaster that is threatening the lives of entire communities.

In Kenya, floods have displaced over 260,000 people and killed 100 others in at least 15 of the country’s 47 counties, according to the United Nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. The floods, which have also affected refugees in northeastern Kenya’s Dadaab camp, have damaged businesses, swept away homes and food…


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