7 Mindsets That Undercut Your Mental Strength and Resilience

Broadbeach rainbow newyear 08-09 holliday
“..resilience is finding beauty when things are hard….” photo: Yellen


Resilience key in effort to stop suicide, speaker says

Not many people who attempt suicide at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge survive the leap. But those who do all say the same thought went through their heads as they fell toward the bay: “This is a big mistake.”

Bob VandePol shared that insight to illustrate similar mistakes he has helped people avoid as a crisis counselor. He also has helped people and communities bounce back after a suicide. He offered ways to reach out to people who are contemplating suicide and thoughts about resilience in its aftermath at a town hall meeting Thursday at the Knoxville Performing Arts Center. VandePol, a leader of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, was invited to speak by Your Life Matters, a countywide suicide prevention task force…


7 Mindsets That Undercut Your Mental Strength and Resilience

Last week, a medical student approached me after a workshop and asked, “Do you know anything about the imposter syndrome?”  A lawyer I collaborate with attributes her rise from a rural small town to an Ivy League law school and beyond to luck.  Many professionals who I work with tell me how their thinking keeps them stuck, awake at night going over and over something they wish they would have said differently, or drives procrastination on important projects.  One of the most important skills I teach my clients is how to identify core values and beliefs that create rigid ways of thinking that keep them stuck, or worse, having the wrong fight…

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