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Who pays the claims costs if the natural disaster never comes?

Enhance disaster preparedness among youth, children, women

Speakers at a symposium yesterday said disaster preparedness has to be enhanced among all, especially the youth, children and women.

In order to keep them safe from disasters and climate change impacts, they need be equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to build resilience, they said at the discussion attended by researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Save the Children International, Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) of Brac University, Brac, C&A and C&A Foundation organised the programme at Brac Center INN, said a press release.

The two-day symposium was organised to systematically and effectively bring evidence into policy and practice, and to support practice-based application and research to reduce child-centred disaster risks, the release said.

Professor Ainun Nishat during the inauguration ceremony said, “It is essential to enhance the level of disaster preparedness among all and with particular attention to the youth, children and women…


Who pays the claims costs if the natural disaster never comes?


There can be economic losses to a business even if an expected catastrophe such as a flood never materializes. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Business owners are probably aware of the various risks a natural disaster can pose to an establishment. Damage from disasters such as earthquakes or floods can equate to hefty losses for a business.

To protect their businesses, most owners purchase some form of commercial property insurance to mitigate losses in the event of a natural disaster occurring. But what if the natural disaster never happens?

When faced with a potential natural disaster, civil authorities (such as the federal, state and/or local government) may take preemptive steps, such as an evacuation, to mitigate casualties and loss. This is what we consider action of a civil authority…


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