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At ‘Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture’ event, speakers encourage resilience and non-conformity

Resilience meets artistry in Joan Didion’s memoir

The Doors late frontman, Jim Morrison, is regarded for his creative poetry and lyrics on the music he wrote and performed for the hard rock band in the 1960s.

On the evening of the show about Joan Didion’s life, the main song for the play, Five to One, is heard across the room, with some of the lyrics having reference to the most challenging events of Didion’s life.

The first act opens with Dorothy Ann Gould, who plays the role of Didion, telling the story of Didion’s worst night, the night she lost her husband.

Gould relays the story with as much as emotion and conviction as you can hear in the words from Didion’s memoir, allowing the audience to visualise her last moments with her husband…


At ‘Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture’ event, speakers encourage resilience and non-conformity

women who dont lecture

The “Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture” idea is inspired by the ZE.ZE organization in Israel, “People Who Don’t Usually Lecture.” Credit: Lucia Huo

In a Penn Law classroom, instead of a usual lecturer, seven women shared their personal stories in an event entitled “Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture.”

On April 4, guest speakers from the Philadelphia area were invited to Penn Law and spoke for ten minutes each about their experiences as women. While the speakers came from different backgrounds, they all encouraged non-conformity and resilience.

“Yarnbomber” Jessie Hemmons, businesswoman Syreeta Scott, hip-hop artist Bahamadia,  fashion designer Tamar Daniel, principal Shavon Savage, pastor Michele Ward, and social worker Geremi James-Batista discussed defining moments in their lives and lessons learned. Along with formal titles, they also identified…


What I learned from Sheryl Sandberg’s class on resilience

Why are some people able to bounce back from adversity, while others never recover? This is a question that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and management professor Adam Grant explore in their book on resilience, “Option B.” If you’re among the many employees experiencing professional or personal hardship, fear not. Their research concluded that your mental toughness is not pre-determined by fate, it’s a skill each of us can learn and master.

If you do not have time to read through a 240-page tome on resilience, there’s now also a free online LinkedIn course on the same subject taught by Sandberg and Grant. “It’s a skill set that we work on throughout our lives,” Grant said. “It’s something we can build long before we face any kind of tragedy or difficulty.”…

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