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Resilience 101: How to Be a More Resilient Person

The Neuroscience of Perseverance

Perseverance separates the winners from the losers in both sports and life. Are you someone who perseveres despite difficulties and setbacks, or do you tend to throw in the towel and call it quits when faced with a challenge or adversity? What makes some people able to keep pushing and complete a task while others habitually fizzle and don’t follow through?

Dopamine is the fuel that keeps people motivated to persevere and achieve a goal. You have the power to increase your production of dopamine by changing your attitude and behavior.  Scientists have identified higher levels of dopamine — also known as the “reward molecule” — as being linked to forming lifelong habits, such as perseverance…


Critical condition: Providers, employers taking steps to address burnout

Dr. Mark Bowling is a compassionate caregiver dedicated to making sure people who have the most serious lung diseases, including cancer, receive the best possible care.

But in the last several years, the pulmonologist with Vidant Cancer Center and ECU’s Brody School of Medicine, began to notice that decades of long hours and stressful conditions had caught up to him. His temper got shorter, he bristled with others at work and became preoccupied at home. He was struggling with burnout…


Resilience 101: How to Be a More Resilient Person

tree roots 3

Tree Roots Image: Yellen

Resilience is that amazing skill that helps you recover quickly from difficulties. If you are resilient, then when life knocks you down, you bounce back and you keep going. Sometimes life’s challenges can even make you stronger. So how do you become a more resilient person?  Unlike positive thinking, or self-compassion, or gratitude  – which can all be developed when things are going good or going bad – you need challenges in your life to develop resilience. You have to get knocked down in order to learn how to pick yourself back up. Over time, you’ll start to see that being…

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