Hurricane Harvey woke Houston up. Now things have to change.

Flood insurance rates climb due to Florida natural disasters

Get ready to pay more for flood insurance.

Having a waterfront view can be a slice of paradise, but Roger Barlow remembers how he felt last summer when Hurricane Irma was roaring toward Southwest Florida.

“They were predicting three feet of water in the street that meant 3 feet in the house,” said Barlow.

While he’s fortunate the surge wasn’t as bad as it could have been, he wanted to prepare by buying flood insurance.

He pays about $400 to insure his home in Cape Coral.

He thought it would be the same for his house in North Fort Myers.

“They quoted me $1,932 for one year. I was in shock,” said Barlow….


Hurricane Harvey woke Houston up. Now things have to change.

(Reuters/Richard Carson)

On August 27, 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. The record-breaking rainfall left neighbourhoods around the city under water for several days. Harvey hovered near Houston for days but recovery will take years.

Why Houston was so hard hit is explained only in part by the 1.3 meters of rain that fell over the city. Weakness in government powers has hampered local and regional agencies from protecting residents. Priding itself on a pro-development policy, the city has famously weak zoning rules and regulations—laws that elsewhere control property development. And the area’s slow moving streams that Texans—tipping their hats to the Gulf Coast’s Cajun heritage—call bayous, resist taming…


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