The impact of boosting mental resilience on cardiovascular health

Workplace satisfaction: chasing happiness is a tough job

SA is ranked 105th out of 156 countries in the UN World Happiness report, dropping four spots since 2017. The countries with the happiest people, despite their highest tax rates, are Finland, followed by Norway and Denmark.

To determine the happiest country, criteria including social support, law enforcement, political trust, healthcare and education are measured. The UN introduced Happiness Day in 2013 to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people. While several happiness indices have been developed, there is no official happiness index for workplaces…


The impact of boosting mental resilience on cardiovascular health

office optimism
Office optimism: Employees who have healthy support structures are able to build positive relationships, develop resilience and stamina and experience positive emotions. Picture: 123RF/ WARRENGOLDSWAIN

The causes of stress can be similar, yet different, for everyone. Cause notwithstanding, stress can result in high blood pressure or more serious cardiovascular issues. Dealing with it in a constructive way is vitally important.

Something personal, like a death in the family, marital or relational troubles, debt or problems at work can trigger stress. Being apart from loved ones, friends and family members can also lead to stress. On the broader scale, news of school shootings, the economy or trouble elsewhere in the world may cause personal anxiety, although an individual may be far away from the incident. No matter the cause, how you handle stress influences your health…

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