Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

How to Be More Resilient and Reach Your Goals

We all have to endure stressful moments throughout our lives. At times, stress can feel debilitating and keep us from achieving our goals. However, there isn’t a more satisfying feeling than overcoming a difficult situation obtaining personal and/or professional success. Resilience is the most important trait for those who reach their goals.

I recently spoke to Dr. Sven Hansen, Founder of The Resilience Institute, which caused me to reflect on the moments where I needed to show resilience in order reach a goal. After our conversation, I had an even better understanding of what it means to be resilient. The takeaways are especially beneficial to those who are new to entrepreneurship…


Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

A year ago I received an invitation from the head of Counseling Services at a major university to join faculty and administrators for discussions about how to deal with the decline in resilience among students. At the first meeting, we learned that emergency calls to Counseling had more than doubled over the past five years. Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life. Recent examples mentioned included a student who felt traumatized because her roommate had called her a “bitch” and two students who had sought counseling because they had seen a mouse in their off-campus apartment. The latter two also called the police, who kindly arrived…


How to bridge the mental-health gap at work

building resilient workforce
Bill Howatt, chief research and development officer of workforce productivity at Morneau Shepell, Kendra Fisher, founder of mentallyfit, Ed Mantler, vice president of programs and priorities with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and Vivien Lee, a psychologist with EBT3, moderated by Globe Health reporter Andre Picard, discuss mental health at work and how you help build a resilient workforce at The Globe and Mail Centre on March 20, 2018 as part of The Globe’s Solving Workplace Challenges event and the Employee Recommended Workplace Awards ceremony.

Mental illness is estimated to cause a $2.5-trillion drag on the global economy in terms of lost attendance, lost productivity and less easily defined measurements such as lost creativity.

And the panacea often trotted out, especially in discussions on what companies can do to help employees, is resilience. Yet, as experts in the field note, this is a concept that is often misunderstood. It requires a much more communal effort than simply individuals coping and learning resiliency skills on their own.

“Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from stress, but it’s a little more…

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