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Optimism key component of resiliency

Organizational Resiliency: Failing Forward

Emphasizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses is common not only for individuals, but for organizations as well. A relentless focus on success is certainly easier and more enjoyable, but at what cost is the unwillingness to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes?

Every individual and organization regularly fails. It is inevitable and it is absolutely necessary on the pathway to growth. Far too many of us, however, refuse to learn from or even acknowledge these mistakes or misfires.

Yet those individuals who do accept and take accountability for their weaknesses and mistakes are much more likely to learn how to overcome them. And organizations who are able to see the value that comes from acknowledging them and being accountable for them are likely to become more resilient and thrive…


High schoolers are taught disaster response

A group of students from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School recently acquired the skills needed to volunteer their help during blizzards, hurricanes, acts of terrorism, and other disasters.

The 27 students underwent training provided by the regional Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, a network of civilian volunteers from Bridgewater, Raynham, and five other communities that assists police and fire departments during responses to natural and other disasters.

The CERT group offers joint training classes for adults from around the region, but the recent course at Bridgewater-Raynham was the first to be offered students, according to Dennise Caratazzola, Bridgewater’s CERT director of operations…


Optimism key component of resiliency


As I continue to share information on how we as a community can build greater resiliency to adverse situations, I would like to share what I believe has been one of my greatest gifts; Optimism. This is a gift I no doubt received from my parents. Unlike the many material gifts, I have received throughout my life this gift was provided not through purchase, but rather through struggle. As a young man I watched my parents struggle through tragedies ranging from medical to financial and everything in between. We grew up with the basic essentials that our 38 milking cows could provide along with the various jobs my parents would do to make ends meet. Make no mistake about it, I had an amazing childhood and it was for this reason; we always found the good in any situation…


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