Embrace science for disaster resilience

An Indian farmer transports harvested paddy on a buffalo cart through flood waters in Assam state, India. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-15/natural-disasters-are-costing-farming-billions-of-dollars-a-year Photographer: Biji Boro/AFP via Getty Images.

Embrace science for disaster resilience

According to University of the Philippines (UP) Resilience Institute Executive Director Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay, there is a need to introduce science to Filipinos and make them realize it could help reduce a calamity’s impact.

“We need to make people embrace science, [but]it doesn’t stop there,” Lagmay said at the PROTECT 2018: 13th International Exhibition and Conference on Security and Safety in Makati City.

“You have to work with local government units, non-governmental organizations…and stakeholders,” he added.

Warnings and responses are critical during disasters, according to the UP official…


Cyclone Marcus bears down on northern Australia

Tropical Cyclone Marcus hit the Australian city of Darwin with 130 kilometre per hour winds and heavy rain on Saturday, tearing down trees and power lines.

Residents were ordered to stay indoors and only the emergency services were supposed to be outside and responding to the distress calls.

The cyclone has been downgraded to a category two storm and is now headed southwest…


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