Why grit is so important in the workplace

Former teacher lauds power of resilience, happiness

Cobram Anglican Grammar School students have been busy learning about the integral mindset of resilience from Resilience Project founder Hugh van Cuylenburg.

On Thursday, students were treated to a guest talk from Mr Cuylenburg, who is a former teacher.

He covered a range of topics in a thoroughly engaging presentation.

He discussed a personal connection to mental health as well as how a year spent teaching in India’s north shaped his ideology around resilience and happiness.

He found the children there to be extremely happy, despite having nothing, and that led him to form the Resilience Project.

He has since worked with the Richmond Football Club, Australian women’s soccer team, Australian cricket team and all NRL clubs…


Why grit is so important in the workplace

Why is grit so important in the workplace?

Why do some people accomplish so much more than others? At some point in our lives, everyone will ask themselves this question. The answers we come up with will vary, from wealth to education to just plain luck. But it turns out that external factors play less of a role in success than we may have given them credit for.

When examining the differences between those who succeed and those who don’t, it often comes down to a character trait known as grit.

But what is grit?…

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