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L.A. Bets That Equity Is the Path to Resilience

A guide to help your business survive after a disaster

The days and weeks immediately following a natural disaster can feel overwhelming for any business owner. While your family and community are reeling from a flood, fire, or even an act of terrorism, you have the added pressure of figuring out how to make sure your business survives…


L.A. Bets That Equity Is the Path to Resilience


….lack of access to green space is not simply unfortunate for these residents—it actually affects their neighborhood’s resilience to climate change….

Wildfires, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis—the list of natural disasters that haunt Los Angeles reads like the 10 Plagues of Egypt. What’s more, the city’s size and diversity mean that different neighborhoods are vulnerable to different events, and because of the city’s level of inequality, some residents are much better equipped to handle disaster than others…

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