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Floods are world’s worst natural disasters

fukushima ghost town

Seven years after Fukushima disaster ghost towns remain. After seven years wild animals including boars roam the area. (AP). Source:

6 months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico pleads for help

Hurricane Maria shredded the electric poles in this plantain farming town high in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, leaving tens of thousands of people without power or running water. Desperate, residents of the town’s Barrio Mana neighborhood asked federal officials for a generator to pump water from the well that supplies the neighborhood’s 130 families…


Floods are world’s worst natural disasters

From the Biblical flood of Noah to the sinking of Atlantis, epic floods are the stuff of legend. Many cultures around the world have mythical stories of a great flood. This is no wonder, as the great floods of contemporary times remain the costliest and deadliest of all natural disasters.

Consider Hurricane Harvey last summer, which stalled and produced rainfall up to 48 inches in and around Houston, Texas.

In terms of human life, the average annual estimate of deaths around the world due to flooding is in the tens of thousands. Furthermore, it is well-established that all lives are not accounted…

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