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Assessing local resilience to typhoon disasters: A case study in Nansha, Guangzhou

Invest more in disaster management

Public and private sectors alike have to increase the investment in disaster management to sustain the economic and human development, said director general of the Department of Disaster Management yesterday.

Such investments will return the benefits in multiple ways, said the director general, Md Reaz Ahmed, at a discussion on the occasion of this year’s National Disaster Preparedness Day.

The department with the support of Shifting the Power, and Dhaka Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness programme of Christian Aid Bangladesh, organised the discussion on “Let the world know, Bangladesh is prepared for facing disasters” at the department’s office in the capital.

The government is preparing a database of load-bearing capacity of soil in Dhaka and other nearby districts…


Assessing local resilience to typhoon disasters: A case study in Nansha, Guangzhou

Coastal areas are facing greater and greater threats from natural disturbances, from both long-term phenomena (such as rising sea levels and climate change) and short-term weather events (such as typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes). However, because short-term events are characterized by sudden appearances, uncertain paths, and destructive power, when they occur, coastal regions are likely to experience many casualties and great losses of property. The 2013 Typhoon Usagi is one example of such a short-term natural disturbance that caused enormous damage in the southern coastal area of China (2014 Yearbook of Meteorological Disasters in China). The direct damage caused by these disasters normally includes the…


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