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Extreme Hurricanes Deliver Powerful Lesson on Mitigation, Readiness, Resiliency

Papua New Guinea quake: An invisible disaster which could change life forever


Employees of oil companies in the region have been taking part in relief operations

Nearly two weeks after a powerful earthquake hit Papua New Guinea (PNG), officials still do not know what the situation is in the remote worst-affected areas. There are fears traditional life in this remote region could have been changed forever, writes Anna Jones.

“The landslides are massive,” says Karen Allen, an aid worker with Unicef in PNG.

“There’s nothing left of whole mountainsides where there used to be villages. There’s been a massive outpouring of grief, shock and and fear, on top of the injuries and hunger.”

Earthquakes happen a lot in the Pacific, home to the ever-active Ring of Fire, and news coverage of them tends to follow a familiar pattern…


Extreme Hurricanes Deliver Powerful Lesson on Mitigation, Readiness, Resiliency

Emergency management officials still dealing with the after-effects of hurricane season’s wrath on Puerto Rico six months after the storms emphasized Friday that resiliency conversations need to be happening from community households to the federal level.

At a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Forum on the challenges posed by extreme hurricanes, Red Cross Vice President of Disaster Operations and Logistics Brad Kieserman underscored the importance of “talking more effectively about the value of mitigation — which, frankly, has not been a sexy topic in emergency management, and yet reasonable readiness and mitigation would have alleviated so much suffering in the last nine months across the country, Puerto Rico to American Samoa.”

Jose Sanchez, deputy director of research and development at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and former director of the Puerto Rico Power Grid Restoration Program, said about 90 percent of the island’s power has been restored since Hurricane Maria’s brutal…

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