World unprepared for next major volcanic eruption, researchers say ‘death tolls could reach millions’

Dangerous Heat Is Coming to Cities Very Soon Read on:

Mental health collaborative tackles fire-related trauma in Sonoma County

When a North Bay fire survivor walks into her private practice office, Santa Rosa psychologist Alisa Liguori Stratton never presumes to know exactly what they’re going through.

Liguori Stratton, who lost the Fountaingrove home where she and her family lived, has a pretty good idea of the type of post-fire trauma many are suffering, whether they lost a home or not. But the experience — the 15 minutes she and her family had to flee their home, the loss of everything they own — is not a type of cheat sheet that informs her practice.

Instead, it fuels her commitment to address the wide-ranging and long-lasting emotional and psychological impact of last…


Civil society calls for action on wetland encroachers

The civil society organisations (CSOs) have urged the Government to evict illegal wetland encroachers to preserve the environment and avoid disasters.

Through their umbrella organisation Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG), they said: “We are kin to disaster management and recommend the environment ministry in collaboration with the National Environment Management Authority and other state agencies to expedite the process of evicting illegal encroachers on wetland across the country,” Mark Agong the CSBAG budget specialists said.

Agong was presenting a paper titled: The Disaster Prepared and Management issues Parliament must consider when debating the FY 2018/2019 budget during disaster preparedness and management meeting in Kampala.

He was representing the executive director of CSBAG, Julius Mukunda.

The CSOs argued that the continued encroachment on wetlands contravenes the policy provisions and Presidential directive on wetlands…


World unprepared for next major volcanic eruption, researchers say ‘death tolls could reach millions’

The next major volcanic eruption is capable of wiping out an entire city, killing millions of people and bringing global financial markets to a halt, according to a group of scientists.

In a recent paper published in Geosphere, a team of volcanologists broke down the consequences of not preparing for an inevitable volcanic eruption that ranks 7 or more on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)…


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