SPECIAL EDITION: International Women’s Day 2018: Women and Resilience

Image source: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/

When Environmental Crises Hit Homes, Women Suffer the Most

Victor Tsang is UN Environment gender expert and Shari Nijman, UN Environment communication officer

This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 5 2018 (IPS) – When Mandelena became a mother, she was only 16. During the prolonged dry season in Gwor County, South Sudan, her community saw crops failing and cattle dying. Children stopped going to school because of hunger and women and girls had to walk up to five hours every day to collect water.

When resources for families further dwindled as the drought prolonged, young girls were married off for a dowry as soon as they reached puberty…


Women and Resilience, by Rose Gantner

Resilience is a scientific term that applies to materials that have the capacity to return to their original shape after being bent or stretched. Over time, however, we have come to apply the term to people as well. People who have the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, defeat, or other kinds of adversity.

For many women, resilience is a strength considered essential. Both women and men need resilience to deal with difficulties in life. But, women often need more resilience than men to overcome traditional obstacles placed in their way, in order to advance in the business world. Too many women, however, are not aware of the amount of resilience they do possess…


This International Women’s Day, We Celebrate Refugee Women

his Thursday we celebrate International Women’s Day – a day to support and celebrate women around the world. At the Jesuit Refugee Service, this means a particular celebration of refugee women. At times of displacement, women and girls are particularly vulnerable, especially for those who are unaccompanied, pregnant, heads of households, disabled, or elderly. But, women are also the centers of resilience, the voices of peace, and pillars of hope in communities of displacement. Their stories and voices need to be celebrated and supported.

As we prepare for International Women’s Day, here are some stories from around the world of remarkable women, who, against all the odds of their displacement, are getting…


Racism no match for resilience at Indigenous women’s business conference

Indigenous women turned emotional hurt into motivation at a business conference in Saskatoon on Friday, where the issue of racist comments following the Gerald Stanley trial verdict permeated discussions.

Saskatchewan entrepreneur Trisha Gardypie said the success stories shared by the speakers were needed at a time when Indigenous women are feeling the impact of racism in Saskatchewan.

Racist threats expose ‘something very rotten’ in Sask., says Idle No More co-founder

Sask. Premier Scott Moe welcomes ‘difficult discussions’ on racism following Gerald Stanley verdict

“Just to be successful and to empower one another and just to keep fighting … fighting hate with love, loving what we do,” said Gardypie.

“Doing that is uniting all as one to empower each other…


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