Becoming more resilient

As Climate Change Intensifies, Here Are the Most—and Least—Resilient Counties in America

resilience across US

Kodiak Island Borough is a remote community of around 14,000 people that spreads down the coast of the Alaska Peninsula and across 16 islands. It sits downwind from a cluster of active volcanoes, and its six villages are accessible only by boat or plane. It is home to 3,500 oversized bears.

It is also one of the safest places to live in the United States—at least when it comes to climate change. A recent survey of America’s 3,135 counties concluded that this inhospitable stretch of land is the most climate-resilient place in the entire nation.

Scott Pruitt, current administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, may question the very reality of man-made global warming, but from 2015–17, EPA scientists were mapping out in extraordinary detail how communities around the U.S. will cope with its consequences, including droughts, hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires…


Becoming more resilient

A recent report by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the US states that the US health sector would be better equipped to manage medical care needs during emergencies by empowering existing healthcare coalitions to connect community resilience efforts with a network of hospitals equipped to handle disasters…

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