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Papua New Guinea: at least 16 dead after strongest ever earthquake hits

Chief resilience officer is lesson in risk management

It was a bad PR day for the city of Minneapolis last week when its chief resilience officer left after only seven months and without having turned in any finished work.

The jokes here almost wrote themselves — “maybe Minneapolis needs a tougher chief resilience officer” — and it was easy to conclude this must be just a make-work post for the sprink-ling of feel-good nonsense around the city. In fact, with the right kind of leadership from the boss this could be a real job. So business leaders who get nothing out of this episode except a chuckle maybe haven’t looked closely enough…


Papua New Guinea: at least 16 dead after strongest ever earthquake hits


The impoverished Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea has been devastated by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that has claimed at least 16 lives and brought the heartland of the country to its knees.

The earthquake, the strongest ever to hit the country, struck the Southern Highlands, Hela Province and the Western Highlands region early on Monday morning, but the extent of the devastation took days to emerge because of the area’s remoteness.

Southern Highlands governor William Powi said on Wednesday that authorities in his region were still trying to assess the extent of the damage, and his people were traumatized, with the disaster causing “catastrophic havoc and destruction.”

Uvenama Rova, secretary general of the PNG Red Cross, said he had confirmed reports of 11 deaths in the southern highlands region and five in Hela province, though his contacts in the affected regions reported “many” more deaths, entire villages buried under landslips, and mass grieving by affected communities…

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