The Low-Tech Secret to Cyber Resilience

Urban poor women can lead the way

Participants at a roundtable discussion on “Rethink Resilience: Women — Driving Force in Building Urban Resilience”, organised by CARE Bangladesh and The Daily Star at the newspaper’s office in the capital yesterday. Photo: Star

Speakers at a roundtable yesterday said urban poor women can play a leadership role in disaster and risk management in their communities if they are provided with proper training and support.

They urged the government to identify urban poor women’s problems and strengthen their capacity so that they can come forward to prevent disasters during crisis period.

CARE Bangladesh and The Daily Star arranged the roundtable on “Rethink Resilience: Women — Driving Force in Building Urban Resilience” at The Daily Star Centre in the capital.

In the discussion, the speakers referred to a project, “Building Resilience of the Urban Poor (BRUP)” — conducted by CARE Bangladesh, in Tongi and Konabari of Gazipur city where women of lower-income group had set examples of resilience, for instance, proper water management, and reducing risk of fire.

Baseline report of the project, which is going on since 2015, identified that poor women are exposed to flood, earthquake and hazards like waterlogging, fire, and environmental pollution…


The Low-Tech Secret to Cyber Resilience

Cities around the globe are increasingly striving to become smarter. As they take on 21st century challenges — including the strain of growing populations, social tensions and environmental issues — with shrinking budgets and failing infrastructure, urban areas are turning to advanced information and communication technology (ICT) to help ease their burdens. Smart cities are the future.

Innovations such as cloud computing, the “internet of things,” and artificial intelligence in automated vehicles or in smart sensors promise to enhance the quality of life for residents and commuters all over the world. These technologies stand to make services more efficient, promote economic development and improve sustainability. But the more cities use advanced ICT in their communities, the more vulnerable their infrastructure will become. To ensure cyber resilience in the cities of tomorrow, each metropolis will have to assess its competencies, capabilities…

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