Studying stress of Hurricane Harvey and pregnancy

destroyed road
The number of insurance claims from “extreme events” broke records last year, testing the sector’s ability to keep up with nature. The Insurance Council says total settlement cost of events in 2017 reached $2.55 billion. Read on:

The role of data during natural disasters

According to the United Nations, India is the third worst-affected country by natural disasters since 1995. In 2013, British risk analysis firm Maplecroft, ranked India fifth most vulnerable to natural disasters after Bangladesh, the Philippines, Dominican Republic and Myanmar.

The needs of those affected by a natural disaster are multiple—from medicines, to clothes, to shelter and even monetary aid. And today, thanks to social media and the Internet, it is possible to at least salvage and stem the losses and devastation.

We have seen this effectively put to use in Puerto Rico when you look at how effectively Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, an open-source mapping platform was utilised in the aftermath of category 4 storm, Hurricane Maria, to provide access to digital maps of buildings and roads to aid organisations in Puerto Rico. Or (MIT)’s Urban Risk Lab—a crowd-sourced flood reporting platform that…


UH studying stress of Hurricane Harvey and pregnancy

Researchers at the University of Houston are hoping to find some good from all the bad that Harvey wrought and help future generations of children born into stress-filled environments.


Five-month-old Justin Frederick is one of those babies. He was born two weeks after Harvey stormed through southeast Texas. His mother, Chandra, remembers the waters surrounding their Spring neighborhood and threatening the safety of her three older children and husband Joey…

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