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Researcher’s fieldwork builds understanding of community resilience, recovery in face of disaster

How confident are you in your business’s ability to recover?

According to Davies, organisations should be building resilience competence that does not just address business continuity. “This resilience should be able to cope with different and multiple incidents simultaneously and over a period of time.” Davies adds it is important that there is buy-in and understanding from top management and that it leads by example. “Sufficient budget and resources need to be applied in order to maintain the ability to respond to a business disaster,” he says. Organisations lacking business continuity… strategies in a worst-case scenario, following a disaster, are quite likely to go out of business.

One of the unseen but important aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery planning is that it provides peace of mind to the organisation…


Researcher’s fieldwork builds understanding of community resilience, recovery in face of disaster

Today, one researcher at the University of Kansas is part of a $20 million, five-year project funded by National Institute of Standards and Technology that enables engineers, computer scientists, economists, urban planners and sociologists to study how communities recover from disaster and become more resilient to future adversity…


Elements, Geographies, Investments and Approaches to Creating Resilience


Defining Disaster Resilience: A DFID Approach Paper Graphic: DFID

A 13-year-old girl continues to work for her education even while the laws and statistics in her country are against her. A well-constructed bridge withstands gale-force winds in a seaside city that previously experienced devastating hurricanes. A community rebuilds itself after the effects of a civil war. A community in the Pacific protects its resources as rising waters threaten to overtake it in the next 20 years…

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