Drought-hit Cape Town learns lessons hard way

By 2100 Cities Are Going To Become Unbearably Warm

Bosco buildings
Pacific Press via Getty Images The Bosco Verticale buildings in autumn in Porta Nuova complex. The complex is an 11-story office building. Its height is 111 meters and 76 meters that will gather more than 900 trees of 96,000 sq ft. terraces.

A heat wave is one of the deadliest forms of environmental extreme, and in the concrete jungle of a city its effects can be magnified to an almost unimaginable degree. Using a global climate model researchers led by Princeton University studied how heat waves would interact with some 50 North American cities up until 2100.What they found was surprising, and potentially a little worrying.

Thanks to a combination of impenetrable, concrete surfaces and lack of moisture in the surrounding areas these cities will become hot spots during a heat wave…


Drought-hit Cape Town learns lessons hard way

Every day, the drought-hit South African city of Cape Town takes to social media channels to exhort residents to save on water, giving practical tips such as only flushing the toilet once a day with water already used for showering or washing up.

It appears citizens are largely heeding the call to “beat Day Zero”, the date reservoirs are expected to have shrunk so low authorities will have to shut off taps in the city’s homes, forcing people to queue for water at 200 collection points.

This week, Day Zero was pushed back again until June 4, providing some relief to worried residents.

It had previously been predicted as early as April.

Ian Neilson, the city’s executive deputy mayor, said the postponement was due to falling water use for agriculture in the Western Cape region and Capetonians reducing their personal consumption in line with pleas by officials…


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