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How working with wetlands can reduce flood risks in cities

Need of the hour is shift from cyber security to cyber resilience

The global cyber security industry needs to develop its people, processes, policies and technologies to collectively rebuild the critical trust required for positive digital advances to succeed, a new report revealed on Sunday.

DarkMatter, a security firm headquartered in the UAE, has released the Cyber Resilience and Trust Report which calls for the industry to adopt a mentality of “cyber resilience”.


“It is clear that digital transformation has revolutionised modern life. Yet as usage has increased, what we don’t have is a corresponding improvement in security measures capable of protecting people’s data. The industry’s current approach to cyber security is overly…



This year’s World Wetlands Day theme  — “Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future”

This week, the rising waters of the Seine caused a partial closure of the Louvre in Paris and flooded social media with yet more photographs of boats sailing along inundated city streets. Last year, massive floods in cities in Bangladesh, India and Nepal had a far more tragic impact, killing 1,300 people and affecting 45 million, while a “1,000-year flood” soaked Houston in Texas.

These events highlight a challenge that is becoming more obvious with each urban inundation: cities around the world are at risk from flooding and, with climate change and continued development, that risk is growing.

Floods are among the most costly natural disasters worldwide. In recent…


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